World's First 2024 Mustang DARK HORSE Hits The Dyno!


Staff member
Sep 15, 2022

If you follow our social media, you know we've had a Dark Horse at our Valdosta location. Thanks to Velocity Motorsports and Jay with @velocity5.0 for providing the vehicle first and foremost. Of course, we had to put this on the dyno to see exactly what this Gen 4 coyote can put to the wheels. We've seen some S650 GTs already hit the dyno and put down some impressive numbers but with 14 more horsepower rated by Ford, how does the Dark Horse stand up?
So the manual puts way more power to the wheels. So happy of my choice of the tremec.
I heard taking the carbon filter out of the intake drops the 1/4 time by almost a sec. Someone is going to dyno it with and without it this week.
I think I saw taking out the carbon filters only gave and additional 6 HP