Winter Rims and Tires


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Sep 23, 2023
Because all Dark Horses come with Summer Only tires, what's everyone planning on doing for cold and winterly weather? Running Summer Only tires in temperatures below freezing can damage them and cause cracking of the rubber. This will not be covered by warranty. My plan is to buy a winter rim and tire package from my local Discount Tire. Don't think you can go to a 18" rim, so will have to use a 19" rim. 20's for winter, not a good idea. Want to try to go skinnier tires for better traction. I think a staggered setup will look better in both rims and tires.

What's your plan?

Also interesting that the tire setup on Dark Horses have larger diameter tires in the rear than front. I thought they were just wider on the rear. Wonder how the ABS handles this?
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I ended up putting a stagged set of ExtremeContact™ DWS06 Plus tires on the stock rims.