Remote Start for 6-speed MT


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Apr 28, 2023
I love a remote start function since 2006, warm up my car in winter and cool it down in summer.

But it seems no option for 6-speed manual stick shift, 10-speed AT only according to Ford info.

And this is my 1st time to own Mustang.

Do we have any way to make remote start for manual transmission on new Mustang... like aftermarket remote start ... 🤔

Since current technology recognizes whether gear is neutral and e-brake is on or not, system could handle fail safe interlock if gear is on 1st or R.
(But somebody needs to step on clutch pedal inside the car on current interlock 🤣)

If you have an experience to equip a remote start on MT Mustang before, I would very much appreciate your feedback.
I've owned quite a few remote start vehicles but none of them have ever been manual.