Dark Horse Order


New member
Sep 15, 2023
Placed order April 2, 23, Blue ember metallic, painted hood, 700a equipment group, 10 speed auto. Went into production on 8/22 waiting to hear on final build date. Hoping strike doesn’t slow completion and delivery. Anyone on here have to pay market adjustment to the dealer? Or has anyone taken delivery on an order placed in early April?
No market adjustment for me.
My dealer at time of order suggested about a 5k market adjustment. WTF we shall see what evolves once delivery is taken. Hopefully be able to tell them to pound sand. I have some tolerance but 5k seems way out of line from what others are posting.
I hope they don't try to hit you with a big markup. I won't deal with dealers that do that stuff.
My dealer TRIED to do a 10k market adjustment, and after some talking they were willing to honor the special order price. They are doing it. I saw a Dark horse in another part of town for 100k