Carbon trap removal and K&N filters


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Nov 27, 2023
Hey all,

Seen some youtube videos on Dark horse and removal of I believe its called carbon traps (Reduces air flow) one in each inlet tube. Also the addition of new K&N filter. They note a few Hp gain and better throttle response!
Mixed reviews on line, curious if any one here as done this to their car any advice or any feedback. Considering doing this in the spring.
I'd love to be driving now, but old man winter has made his appearance here in Canada. She's not ready for the cold. Haha

Thanks all and Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year
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Middleton motorsports, look for their video online. They did this on the DH and an immediate before and after dyno run, the results are meh at best. The carbon trap thing from what research I have done is yet another well waste of time rabbit hole on the internet. This is for sure one thing my car will not get.

As far as the filters, the jury is still out. Many folks praise the design and flow of the factory air boxes and system, probably going to leave mine alone as well.

Best of luck on your ride.