Auto Stop Start feature


Dec 31, 2023
I noticed that GT’s with the 10 Speed Auto Transmission (checking on stickers of vehicles coming into the dealership) and being built after 1 Jan 24 are having the dreaded “auto stop start feature.” Imagine that? Pulling up to a stop sign, light, etc., your beautiful throaty V8 will suddenly become silent …just like an EV. Sure, you can disable it (if you don’t forget to disable it after firing up the beast). Hope they won’t include it on the DH with the automatic. If so, I will cancel my current order. If you have a performance car, does Ford really think I care about saving gas…they’ve even included a gas guzzler tax)? The auto stop start feature is the most asinine feature ever created. It places a lot of stress on your engine starter, battery, etc. Plus, there is always the slightest hesitation while the engine restarts. Bad move, Ford!!!
Update: I went to the Ford Build your own site and discovered that the GTs (with automatic) are going to have the auto stop start system...thankfully, when you check the build for the DH, the auto stop start system is NOT included (for the automatics). As least for now.
Check out below for the screen shots take from Ford's Build Your Own Mustang...not listed when you build a Dark Horse (thankfully).

24 Mustang GT build your car.JPG
24 Mustang GT Build your own (2).JPG
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Out of curiosity, when was your order placed? Mine was placed 1 Sep 23 and still no word on production.
3/27/2023 before lunch. Never did get a VIN or build. Ended up finding the same spec car 1,308 miles away. Purchased it long distance and it is in shipping right now, due here tomorrow.