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May 15, 2023
Received my 700a today had it aligned and it was off. 7.3 miles on it. Really wanted the camber set to zero, dealer was unable to get it there, guess its on me to get it there. Really hate tire wear.
Looks like they got it fairly close to nominal for a DH ('feature car') although the tolerances are a bit of a mixed back from the manual.
i'm a bit surprised front toe was so far off, rear toe was near the limit as well. The feature car spec is supposed to have more front less rear camber on it than normal. (1.2 all round instead of 1.0fr 1.5rr)
Why would you want to take it off, do you only ever drive in a straight line ?
Yes here is eastern South Dakota its all about straight lines for miles, I really don't like buying tires. Every 1 degree of camber you loose 20% tire life so here zero camber is preferred.
How many miles is that per set ? inner edge wear is still fairly common this side of the pond on cars that do a lot of motorway miles, but more enthusiast cars tend to be outer edge as most wear happens during cornering. I think our tyre life is much shorter as a result.
No clue how much longevity is designed into these tires, doubt very much. My goal in a perfect world would be to get 10k miles from a set. Back in 2020 worked at a shop in Illinois and had a Hellcat come in with 2,000 miles on it and tires were junk. Took me almost two days modifying the car to get camber set, when I moved from there in 2022, Hellcat was still on its second set. Similar results on the DH would be awesome.
That's not as long as i thought then! I put 12k miles on a set of michilin super sports on my e60 m5 that were nearly new when i brought the car (around 1k on them) they had 4mm ish of tread left on them when i sold the car. The next owner did around 5k on them before swapping them out.

My previous daily driver mercedes got around 30k on a set of goodyear efficentgrip's before being changed out.
Current daily driver merc has Pirreli PZ4's on it at last service they were down to 6mm after 8k miles on them. (starts at late 7 something i think)
On all season tires, we get routinely 70k a set on everything.
Spent 3 hours last evening getting this car in alignment, took a ton of work to get it done, now to just drive this and see if these tires can last.